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Read in these articles more about Topigs Norsvin’s work on Total Feed Efficiency:

TFE benchmarking: Breeding on TFE works
Benchmarking of farms based on Total Feed Efficiency is an easy and fast way to establish how a farm is performing. We see that our customers benefit from our selection based on TFE. Every year, 80 gram less feed is used per kg produced pork. The beauty of the Total Feed Efficiency benchmarking is the easiness with which the concept can be applied. The small amount of information required and fast calculation makes this concept easy to apply in practice.
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Total Feed Efficiency: including the whole production cycle of pork
TFE has improved over the years by reducing the input needs and maximizing outputs. A key aspect of TFE is  reducing all forms of leakages on your farm. It  is important to realize that leakages are present throughout the production cycle from birth of gilts to slaughter of fatteners. Improving the TFE of a farm or a production system involves assessing each sector identifying, measuring and controlling all aspects of the input and output equation.
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